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Silk Screened Glass

Taking commissions to a new level by silk screening detailed imagery onto the glass.

Nightclub in Brooklyn showcases Erotica and Goddess Stained Glass


In 2006, I lived in New York. I had the great opportunity to build a commission for Deity Nightclub in Brooklyn. They wanted goddesses with an element of erotica. The windows were 4 feet by 6 feet and there were 6 of them. The owners…

Abandoned Building

This window was installed in a burnt-out and abandoned building in Portland, OR in 2008. I used some of the salvaged glass from the burnt out building. The glass was melted by the fire, covered in graffiti, and broken. I also used french mouth…


May 2016 I found this t.v. on the side of the street in Brooklyn, NY. It was gross. But it was the exact look I had been keeping an eye out for, so it was worth cleaning. The pattern on the t.v. is your…