Homes and businesses built with artistic details are a celebration of individuality, vitality and craftsmanship. As a designer and craftsperson of custom windows, I am attuned to details, clients’ needs, architectural space, Atmosphere, light. I am honored to contribute to designed spaces where people gather, live and spend time.

Until I was 8, I spent 3 months every summer in Massachusetts. These summers were spent catching snakes, eating wild berries, swimming in a river, picking wildflowers, going to the country fair. We lived in a 100 yr old farmhouse. When I was not in the country, I lived a few blocks from the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. I spent my early exploring years sneaking into the attic and onto the roof of the Cathedral. This was before heightened security and locked doors. I see now what an amazing playground this was! The light and expanse of space was epic. The Cathedral houses 231 stained glass windows.