Silk Screened Glass

I LOVE this commission! This Brooklyn Bridge stained glass window was for a home in Petaluma. The home has tons of artistic made details- tiles, wallpaper, lighting, mirrors. Built from the ground up, the home is a combination of modern with clean designs and open living space, and rustic with thick salvaged barn beams and brick walkways.

Brooklyn Bridge stained glass window

A few years ago, I learned how to make a silk screen that would allow powdered glass to pass through and translate the screen image to the glass. The glass is then fired, and the image becomes permanent. I took this class through Bullseye here in the Bay Area, and since have taken 2 other classes. Everything I learn from these master’s classes, I have been able to apply to my commission work.

The printed image is a photograph of the actual stonework of the Brooklyn Bridge. I simplified the cables, so that the lead lines would read as the cable lines. The project took 3 screens and 4 firings. I learned so much and it has become one of my favorite projects.

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