Seed Pod Commission!

Seed Pod Commission

This commission was for a woman in Ann Arbor, MI. She sent me images of seed pods from Northern Michigan, where she spent time as a child and continues to visit. She wanted the seed pods to be the subject for the window. She also sent me photos of her kitchen window, and we discussed visibility and colors. She wanted to have clear glass in sections, so she could continue to connect with neighbors from her kitchen window. We corresponded by email and phone to solidify colors and design that would work well with her kitchen.

Once the design was solidified, I found glass that worked in the color palette, and began building. I choose some antique glass, mouth blown glass, and fusible glass that had great color. The combo really made the design pop. I sent updated photos as I worked, so she could be included in the process.

Once it was complete, I crated it up and shipped it off with fingers crossed. It arrived in tact and all is well! So exciting to see it in its intended spot in the kitchen window.

It is 27 inches square. Shown below: top, in the crate. Next, full image. Last installed!



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