Napa Vision 2050 connection

November 2016

I am excited about a connection I have made here in California with a  local environmental organization, Napa Vision 2050. They exist to preserve local values and to protect our water resources, forests, rural communities, agriculture and open space. Now they will receive a $5 donation from each sale of my new fused glass panels!

I am grateful to be connected to a cause that contributes to the greater good of my community. I am a studio artist. I become more balanced by spending time in my studio for contemplation and the creative process. I refuse to be isolated and removed from the world, however. These small nests are a simple act that allows me to connect, contribute, reach out, stay educated, work toward something I believe in.

In these times that are confusing, disheartening and fearful, I have decided to act more intentionally and make choices that I believe in. I believe in teaching my children to be kind and accepting of diverse peoples and cultures. I believe in striving for a clean natural world. I believe in working toward the change I desire for myself, friends and children.

I was inspired to make these small panels because I wanted to make something comforting and calm. I wanted to build in a spontaneous way and focus my attention on a peaceful image. These were the results! Various images of bird’s nests in tree branches! These small glass panels are 4 inches x 4 inches, and can hang by suction cup (provided) in the window, or by nail in the wall. They are handmade by me, and are $45. The intention is to make them affordable for gifts, so the designs are repeated, with slight variation. They are fused glass which means they are melted in the kiln. They come with a colored bamboo fiber cord and brass ring for hanging. And as I mentioned, $5 from each sale goes to preserving our natural world! Interested in having a nest for your home? See all designs available: Click here