Burning Man Adventurers!

September 2016


The last time I went to Burning Man was in 2002. I went with my close friend Anna Erlewine. We drove there from Wisconsin. We swam in rivers. We ate ramen. We thought we saw a mountain lion. We spent 10 days in the salt flats. We helped build the temple. We rode on double decker art cars and borrowed motorcycles. We slept in a tent I made out of canvas and maple saplings. It was a circus type tent with circular windows and a skylight. We wore boots. We wore cowboy hats. We painted our skin. We watched things burn. We drank watery beer and our hair felt like wigs from the salty sandy land. The art that erupted from the land and human hands was spectacular. And watching the city build itself up during the days we were there was incredible. And sitting way out in the darkness of night and looking back at the lights was soothing. A city of art and music created in the middle of flat, wild land and dark night skies. Wow.


Quill Hyde made these amazing horses (Acavallo Art Installation for Burning Man) out of steel that people could sit on. I made stained glass for one of the horses. I used bottles and lenses, and mirror from the 60s. The cheeks had fire bursts. What an honor to be included in this project!