Nightclub in Brooklyn showcases Erotica and Goddess Stained Glass


In 2006, I lived in New York. I had the great opportunity to build a commission for Deity Nightclub in Brooklyn. They wanted goddesses with an element of erotica. The windows were 4 feet by 6 feet and there were 6 of them. The owners agreed on the drawings and said, “You don’t have to run all the glass samples by me. Just do what you want.” This was a dream commission.

The goddesses I chose were “Shekinah- Jewish goddess Tree of Life” and “Nut- Egyptian Goddess of the Night Sky.” (pronounced Noot) Shekinah is portrayed as young, with braids in her hair. She is also an element of the land, and rooted. Shekinah has a green flame on her forehead, a kind of third eye. The tree extends to each side of Shekinah.

Nut is portrayed as older with gray dreadlocks and reclining on the clouds. She is an element of the sky and boundless. The stars are opaque and reflect off their surface. They have a sparkle with interior lights, and a metallic finish. There are clouds that extend on each side of Nut.