Abandoned Building

This window was installed in a burnt-out and abandoned building in Portland, OR in 2008. I used some of the salvaged glass from the burnt out building. The glass was melted by the fire, covered in graffiti, and broken. I also used french mouth blown glass- the pinks and red. I wanted to combine dirty, discarded glass with the finest and most expensive glass, to show the value and interest in each. I installed it, and it lasted several weeks before someone uninstalled it for their own home. (which was a fine outcome for me).

It was fun to put stained glass in a completely unexpected location, and highlight the decaying beauty of a building like this. I love the sunlight on the broken safety glass panels. Directly inspired by graffiti artists, it was an act of sharing my work with passersby. An urban surprise art element. A softness of colored light and attention to life giving qualities in contrast to cement and decay and barbed wire. I am so appreciative of urban places- the diversity of ideas and peoples. I am also appreciative of the quiet places in a city. These are quite often the decaying building neighborhoods- Warehouses, vacant lots. Of course, I love urban parks and woods, too. Both have their calm.


The image on the glass is the word “Bolt” surrounded but two lightning bolts. Then there is a suitcase with a rocketship on it. (another concept of bolt- getting out of town). It is a very scrappy piece. The suitcase is made using the graffiti spray painted glass pieces. The arch above the suitcase is the burnt and melted glass.